July 08, 2012

Swan Valley Camping

If you are ever in Eastern Idaho you must definitely drive through Swan Valley. It is beautiful in the summer. We went to creek falls to do a little *Peterson camping. We roasted weenies, made tin foil dinners and smores. After that we went on an adventure, as the kids called it. We followed little trails along the beautiful snake river! It was very hot so I was glad to be done with our little adventure. Nothing like wanting to get this fun over with. But I have to admit that I love spending time with the kids and grand-kids. On our way out we stopped at the  Rainey Creek Store, home of the square ice cream cone. You can't pass by without getting one of them, it just wouldn't be right. Well that was enough  camping for me, I'm off to take a long shower.                                                                             

*Peterson Camping - Going to a camp ground for a couple of hours and then returning to your hotel, home etc... for a shower and to sleep in a soft bed! :)


  1. I used to live in northern Idaho and miss the beautiful Palouse. Thanks for visiting me at Wunderbar! I'll definitely link up sometime!


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