February 16, 2013

Basic Marshmallow Fondant

This is your basic no frills marshmallow fondant.
Although it is simple, if you have never worked with fondant, you need to make it a few times until you get the consistency that you like to work with. That is what I did. I just added or subtracted the amount of powdered sugar until it worked for me. So what works best for me, might not be exactly how you like it. So start with the basic and then do it your way.


16 oz mini-marshmallows (Kraft)
2 lb powdered sugar
3 tbsp water 

1 tsp lemon, vanilla or any flavored extract (optional) 
Gel food coloring (optional)

*Grease your spoon before this next step

*Before adding the powdered sugar this is a good time to add flavor and color if you want

You did it! You now made your own fondant and saved yourself a lot of money.
*Fondant holds well in the refrigerator for weeks
Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is my very first fondant cake and I can promise you it was beginners luck, because it has never been as easy since. LOL!
Click HERE for tutorial on this cake!


  1. I am not going to say that I could never do that, but that is only because you are so very encouraging. :) Your cake is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing. One of these days, I'm just going to go for it. :)

  2. I feel like this is something I could do!! I'm so inspired!! You are awesome :)

  3. Your cake is adorable.

  4. I've been thinking about trying my hand at cake decorating, and this seems doable. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I would love to be able to do the fancy cakes, the fondant seems pretty easy :)


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