September 19, 2019

(Kid Friendly or Not?!) The Fremont Street Experience in Vegas

Food and Hotels at great prices!
Entertainment galore!
But do you want to take the kids???

This street is full of fun, great entertainment, the famous 
SlotZilla zipline and things to do and buy. 
I had a lot of fun, but call me a prude if you must, I wouldn't take the little ones.

Don't take my word for it, I have a video below so you can make up your own mind. The first is of things you can see walking down the street. The second video is of the zipline.

1st video UNEDITED!
(Just a very small bit of what all is there)

SlotZilla Zipline

Love to hear about your Vegas experiences in the comments!

September 17, 2019

You Gotta See These Crazy Fun Shoes!

On my Instagram and Facebook 
I had a post for seven days called
Countdown... 7 days of crazy fun shoes!

If you didn't see them I would love to share them here with you.
I own all of these crazy shoes except Day 7 and Day 2
Please share any crazy shoes you own in the comments!

The coundown begins...

So which ones did you love, hate or maybe have a love hate relationship with. Let me know!

September 07, 2019

Mascara Giveaway, Take a Quick Peek!

We tried out the mascara 
"Lash Ease"
You may have heard of it already.

Easy to enter! All you need to do is watch this short little
clip of us trying Lash Ease. Then just comment either on 
here or in the YouTube comments telling me what
your favorite mascara is. 

That's it!

*My Instagram Followers will get an extra entry!

Thanks for stopping by!
Good luck on the Sept. 23rd GIVEAWAY!

Disclaimer: These opinions on my blog and video are my own.
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