April 23, 2012

Flower Cake

Made this flower cake for my daughters Birthday party. The flowers were made out of fondant. I used a fondant flower form that I bought and then added the little yellow centers. Kind of time consuming but I like how they turned out!

These were fun and easy. Buy card stock in any color you'd like your flower. If you are making a forget me not you will want blue. Cut out a petal and trace out five petals. Cut out.

Next I used a glue gun and glued the end together on all five petals. Then you glue three of the petals together. The last two need to be glued on each side of the three. Hope you can see that in the picture.

I then added a yellow circle made out of card stock. A bunch of these makes cute decorations for any party!


  1. Love your stuff, Marcie! It's so fun to see what you do.

  2. My daughters were never so lucky! How talented are you:) Thank you for linking up to Freedom Fridays.

  3. Wow, you make incredible cakes. Just so you know you have been featured at Anything Goes at Eye Heart Monday's. http://www.eyeheart.ca/2012/05/anything-goes-at-eye-heart-mondays_21.html

    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. This cake is so sweet! Thanks for linking up at {Homemade By You] Your cake is going to be featured! Hope to see you again tonight!

    1. Thanks so much Katie I appreciate that. I am now following you on GFC and linky. Would love to have you follow me back.
      Thanks again

  5. Wow!! That cake looks amazing! I love the colors. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Thursday's Temptation.


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