December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 Welcome 2013

I have only been blogging since March of 2012 but none the less it has been great and I thought I would share ten of some of my most popular posts!
I would also like to say how thankful I am to have such awesome blogger friends and followers!
I can't thank you enough!


Thank you again for all your sweet comments and support!

Cheers, Marcie

December 30, 2012

Welcome to party #31

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"I Gotta Try That Monday"  Linky Party #30

Isn't this beautiful. You need to check out the others It's Raining Jelly Beans.
I made cupcake stands before for a Birthday but I never thought of the cute little covers. Very cute and creative from Hoopla Palooza. 

This Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom soup looks so Yummy! To make it even better, it was made in a crockpot at This Gal Cooks.

New Years Clock Dessert/Cake Stand

My clock in my office quick working and I was ready to throw it away when I started to think of what I could use it for. Then the idea hit. People always decorate with clock for New Years. I decided I would make a dessert/cake stand. 

I started out with my broken clock and a candlestick that I found on clearance at Michael's Crafts after Halloween.

I took the clock apart and really washed and scrubbed the glass and rim.

I then put a vinyl Happy New Year in the center. You could always use a stencil to do this too.

 I then glued the hands back onto the clock. I set it just a couple of minutes before midnight!

 I took a noise maker and glued it onto the face of the clock. I also took some silver tinsel that I got on clearance after Christmas and curled it with scissors and sprinkled it around.

I took and sprinkled silver glitter all over the face. You could add whatever you wanted on it.

I then put the washed and sanitized glass and  rim back on the clock.

I used a glue gun to attach the candlestick to the bottom of the clock.

 The final step was to add some goodies to my dessert/cake stand.

I was very excited how my New Years Server turned out!

This is where I purchase my vinyl


December 27, 2012

Tigger Cake

A Tigger Cake for my grandson's 1st Birthday!

 You can see on his face he was in deep thought while eating this cake.

Gorgeous little Birthday Boy!

I started with orange gumpaste. I formed a head, ears, legs, body, arms and a tail. I took a wood skewer and inserted into the body so that I could attached the head.

Next I took the head and cut an opening for the mouth.

Jan. Visiting Teaching Message & Handout

Hello ladies and Happy New Year!
I hope the best for all of you this new year.

Here is January's Visiting Teaching handout. The full message can be found HERE at

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December 23, 2012

Linky Party #30

  Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I hope we can all reach out to others that may be in need at this time. I love this from The Grinch and I wanted to share.

December 16, 2012

Welcome to LInky Party #29

  Hey everyone please do me a favor and read my embarrassing story HERE and then go like a local business in my town. You can win a wall vinyl if you do 
Thanks so much!!!
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"I Gotta Try That Monday"  Linky Party #28

These are so darling I can hardly stand it. Get the pattern from Homemade Toast

You have got to go see this whole table from Kathe With an E.  Adorable!

I love this Christmas Tree idea from A Few Pretty things. You need to check it out!

Now on to Party #28

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December 14, 2012

Expressions Vinyl & My Embarrassing Story

This post is dedicated to Expressions Vinyl

Let me explain why I am doing a post all about Expressions Vinyl. But first let me tell you, you don't have to live locally to get their vinyl and awesome products. They have a website that you can order on and get it quick.

On to my story!

I ordered some vinyl and I went to pick it up. They had moved into a new building since I last picked up vinyl. Well I thought I knew right where this new building was.  I was having a hectic day and I was very busy but I needed the vinyl so I drove out to pick it up. I got there (at least I thought I was there) and when I went to go in the door was locked. All the lights were on and I could see a gentlemen sitting in his office. So I shook the door so that he would hear that I was locked out. He must not have heard because he didn't even turn around. So I did the next best thing. I knocked very loudly on the glass door and then stuck my face up to the window to make sure he saw me when he turned around. Nothing! He didn't hear me and then I noticed he had ear buds on. I was very frustrated. Mostly at myself for  going out when I had so much to do and now I wasn't gong to get my vinyl anyway.

Back to my car I went!

So I got in my car and sat there for a minute or two to see if anyone might be coming or going from the building. If they did I could make my move and leap from the car and grab the door before it shut. Nobody came or left. I checked the number on the door. Yep, right number. I turned around to see the street sign to make sure it was the correct street. Yep, right street.  So...

Back to the door one last time

Yes I went back up to the door. I came for my vinyl and I was going to get it. I looked in again to see if the the guy was still sitting there. He was, so I shook the door a few more times. It was still locked and I was getting more frustrated. So I started banging on the door as loud as I could. Nothing! I turned and went back to my car. 

Heading back home empty handed
As I drove home I couldn't think about anything but what a waste of my time when I had so much to get done. When I got home I contacted them and let them know that I was just at their store, nobody would let me in and that I had wasted my time. I was told that the door was never locked and that he had been there the whole time. Well I argued back that the door was locked and I was there. I was at suite #1 and I was on the right road. I was so frustrated, not at them but more at myself for not understanding how I could have been at the wrong place. He nicely tried to explain where they were located and I was to slow to understand. So he finally said "We will get you your order". 

Later that evening. Knock Knock!

I was wondering who was at my door, I wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door, it was a younger man. I say younger because I am getting old so I have to say younger. Yes you guessed it. It was the guy from Expressions Vinyl. I might add that he was very handsome. (I'm sure he is married  ladies, but it would make it worth going to pick up your order there) LOL!  I couldn't believe it, I was the one that made the mistake and yet he made a point to hand deliver my vinyl. You just don't find many people that will go out of their way like that. I didn't mean to get all flustered and cause a fuss so that they felt they had to do that. That really isn't like me. I guess that is what happens when you load yourself down with too many projects and commitments. He explained where they were located and that their building was around behind the building I was at. Can you imagine what that other guy would have thought if he would have turned around and saw this crazy lady banging on his door. Yes I am embarrassed!

Expressions Vinyl went way above and beyond great customer service!

To tell them thank you I need your help. If you help me you could win a Christmas Tree wall vinyl (pictured below)

All you have to do is go "Like" them on FB and leave a comment telling them that Marcie sent you. I will be watching and put your name in the drawing. It is that easy. If you already like them on FB follow on twitter. Tweet that Marcie sent you and send me the link to the tweet. 

 If you don't do it for me do it for them. Let's show them that we appreciate businesses like them, that show great customer service!

 Check out their blog along with all their great products and great prices.

December 09, 2012

Linky Party #28

 Featuring the most viewed items from

"I Gotta Try That Monday"  Linky Party #27
Isn't this Bavarian Crocheted quilt from  Sew Incredibly Crazy beautiful! 

If you want to  know a bit more about photography you really need to check out this photo tutorial from  The Crafty Woman

I love this very pretty Pottery Barn Candle Knockoff from

You can make one of these darling Christmas Hair Clips for yourself. Go to 

   Mellywood's Mansion to see how.

This beautiful advent calendar is from
Wesens Art I love that is glows!

If you were featured grab a button!

Now on to Party #28

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