December 19, 2012

Christmas Light Box

Today I would like to share an inexpensive and simple project.

You start with any size of container or box, and I mean any container will work. The dollar store and Walmart have several size boxes right now. That is where the Santa boxes came from.

You will need some paper. Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or a paper bag. Whatever you've got.

You will need some Mod Podge or some watered down glue. I use a makeup sponge to apply the Mod Podge but you can use any type of sponge or brush. Take your paper and tear into pieces. 

Spread the Mod Podge or glue on the backside of the paper and start to apply it to your box or container.

It's like piecing together a puzzle.

I didn't want the white paper edges showing on this particular box, so I filled it in with crayon. When you are done, lightly put Mod Podge over the finished box. Remember it will dry clear. Then start with the lid.

Do the same with the lid as you did to the box.

Good so far? Let's go on.

Next take a nail or sharp object and make holes all over the box and lid.


Take a set of lights and put in your box or container.

If you don't have battery powered ones you will need to cut a hole in the back

Add a pretty ribbon if you like and your ready to plug it in and try it out!

Here it is with the lights on and off! It gives off a pretty glow.

This one is actually a plastic shortening container


Please remember to never leave items like this unattended or left on for an extended period of time.


  1. What a cute idea! Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

  2. Such a cute idea and a great way to add light under the tree!

  3. oh what a neat idea! i should try that this weekend!
    stopping in for the grow your blog blog hop - new follower too :)


  4. We don't put out presents until Christmas morning. This would be fun to do for all those days before Christmas.

  5. oh, oh, oh I LOVE THIS! The countdown is on, but htis weekend is for crafting and have box, lights and directions! Thank you for sharing on Photo Friday! Hope to see you next year- Merry Christmas!

  6. Great idea! Found you through Pinteresting Party.

  7. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
    Love your awesome blog. Feel free to check out & follow my blog @

  8. that is clever. Thank you for sharing at the hop, Merry Christmas xo


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