September 22, 2012

Spooky Pictures

Day 22

My grand kids are often spooked by some of my Halloween decorations. Imagine that! So I decided to make something with them that would look scary but wouldn't be scary to them. 
I took pictures of three of my grand kids. I told them to make the scariest face that they could! This is what I got.
I then uploaded the photos to Picasa. If you don't have Picasa any photo editing program will do the same. Picasa is also free.

 Then all you do is go over to editing and start having fun.
 I picked up three frames from the dollar store and rubbed some black and white paint on them to make them look old.
Now we have some scary pictures to put out for Halloween, and instead of scaring the kids they love them!


  1. These are so fun and EASY! Your cutie pies look super spooky!

  2. Photo editing is so fun, I love these effects! I'm super excited for Halloween too :) New follower!

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! These pictures, as well as all of your Halloween ideas are so refreshing in their originality! And your grandkids are adorable!

  4. That is awesome and Creepy as can be.


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