October 09, 2012

Halloween Wreaths

Day 20

I have two Halloween wreaths I wanted to share.

Supplies for the first one are:
One feather boa - from the dollar store
One skeleton plastic banner - from dollar store
One wicker wreath - also from the dollar store
One Happy Halloween - from the dollar store

I sprayed the wreath black, wrapped the boa and banner around it and hot glued to keep in place.  I hung the sign in the center and added a  few webs.  Very easy and fun project for the kids. My grand daughter helped me with this one and loved it!

This next wreath consists of snakes and a wreath from the dollar store. This idea comes from Martha Stewart. Go HERE to get directions.
After looking at my wreath I think I need to add a few more snakes. What do you think?



  1. I love them both...the snakes I have never seen...FUN and a little creepy but in a good way!)


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