September 11, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Day 11
For Day 11 I decided to steal one of my daughters projects from 
Whims of Tim  She has some cute projects you should check out.

 Itsy Bitsy Spider Handprint Sign

  I love Halloween! I am so excited that its almost here! Last year when Tracen was only a few months old I started a Halloween decoration. I got the plaque at Michael's for around a dollar and painted it orange. 

This was the challenging part! I painted my little guys hand to make the print. This picture is from the new sign I made this year. (One year olds are fun when they have black paint on their hands!) Your not supposed to paint the thumb unless you want your spider to have ten legs.
 I put the little spider in the corner of the plaque. All you do is over lap the palms and it makes a spider. This sign was easier because I had my husband and brother helping. One held the sign, one held the baby, and I stamped his hand.  
 Then I cut out vinyl on the Silhouette for my wording. I didn't like the big space above the spider so with a sharpie I added some web hanging from the e.
You can tell that my spider I made this year was a lot more difficult with a wiggly toddler. It's the square sign. I am so excited to finally have finished the sign after a whole year and have another little one for a gift or something.


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