October 29, 2012

Last Minute Fishing Costume

If you didn't like the zipper face you might want to pass on this post also.
I try to not put to much gore on here, but it's Halloween and I was quite pleased with my last minute costume that I put together for a party the other night. I wore my jeans, t-shirt, jacket and grabbed a fishing pole. I then made it look like I hooked myself with the fish hook.

Ha ha I tried go for a hurt look on my face. Didn't accomplish it.

I started with liquid latex. Please make sure you are not allergic! With a q-tip I painted a half circle under my eye. Let dry completely. 

I apologize for the bad pictures and lighting. I was in a hurry cause I needed to get to the party and I just quickly clicked pictures in a bathroom with horrible lighting. 
Next at some cover up and then some powder.

Gently pull the top part away from your skin so it looks like it is hanging.

Then I applied purple eyeshadow and then some fake blood.

  Add a fish hook and you are done. If you are smart you might make a fake hook out of some wire. I was in a hurry so I used a real one. Throughout the party I would tug on the hook and it would pull the skin and had everyone pretty grossed out. Ha ha. Isn't that the fun of Halloween?

 You can purchase liquid latex by going to the link below.


  1. Ack! :) I love it though!!! Looks very gruesome and real! And I've loved reading all the halloween stuff you've been posting!

  2. Crap I found this on google images and thought it was real. XD

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