November 21, 2012

Fondant Turkeys

Made these cute little Turkey's sitting on yummy Apple Cinnamon Muffins
I saw the turkey's in a Woman's World Magazine

Start with some brown gumpaste. Shape three pieces into pear shapes.

Then roll out three balls for the heads.
Six tear shapes for the wings. 

Next I cut out three triangle shapes with the top rounded.

Next I rolled two legs and smashed down the ends for the feet.

I then made three little toes or claws whatever they are called. :)

Then i took two rolls of red and orange.

With a rolling pin I rolled them flat.

Then I set it on one of the triangles.

Trim the sides.

Next gently make some feathers with a butter knife.

Next you will need to roll out white eyes, and make a little yellow beak. Then a red gobbler. I don't know what the real name is. But anyway make one of those. :)

So there you have all your pieces. Now put him together!

 Here I made the faces. Attached with a very small amount of water.

Here I have put more of the turkey together and am leaving them like this a little while to harden up. Notice I used a paper towel roll to make the wings stand up so they will dry like that. Then add the head and wings!

There you go, fun little Turkey Gobblers!



  1. Those work of art are too cute to eat! Love it! I am now following you back :)


  2. So cute! You make it look are very talented. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Julie

  3. Wow these look awesome, you are very creative! thanks for coming to my blog and following! I am a new follower, cant wait to get to know you better!Following on twitter also!

  4. Your turkeys are adorable! I love the fact that the each seem to have their own personality. Thanks for visiting me at one creative mommy. Have a great weekend!

  5. thank you for sharing! these are so cute xo

  6. Not only are these really cute but you make it look easy. Thanks so much for sharing on the We Made That Linky!

  7. hey look at them! i would have to close my eyes to eat them cuz they are too cute, especially the one with the crossed eyes-LOL


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