January 16, 2013

Heart Shaped Fancy Egg

Okay I know you are wondering why I am calling this a fancy egg. I didn't know that they were called egg in a nest until later in my adult years. LOL! When I was younger my mother called these Fancy Eggs. Maybe this was to get us to eat our eggs. I still call them Fancy Eggs to this day. I know I am not the first to make a heart shaped egg in a nest, but I can bet I'm the first one to make a heart shaped fancy egg. (Wink)

Let's make this fancy egg!

I used a cookie cutter to cut the heart shape.

Next I lightly butter both sides of the bread. Put in a frying pan and cook as easy or hard as you like them.

 Serve your Fancy Egg on a plate with some strawberries and whipped cream...

and if your feeling daring, sprinkle on some Red HOT sauce.
Serve this up to your Valentine for breakfast in bed! 


  1. That looks adorable! I should try making that for my kiddies, they'd love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it, what a great idea! I'm definitely gonna give this a try with my kids. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  3. def gonna try this for vday:)

    New follower

  4. I have an almost thirteen year old who loves to cook that will try this as soon as I show it to her :-) I always get tickled when I hear the different ways each family talks and names things. One day people are going to be really amused to hear one of my daughters refer to shampoo as "hair soap"...no idea where it came from either.
    Visiting you through the GYB link up party...feel free to stop by for a visit :-)

  5. awesome and very sweet! i love this!

    Stopping by from the GYB blog hop!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  6. That is adorable. I never knew they were eggs in a nest. My mom used to make hashbrowns in muffin tins and crack and egg in them and bake them and she called those eggs in a nest. :) You have a lovely way to share some love for breakfast. I like it. :)

  7. I think fancy egg is a better name anyway! And I totally forgot all about these my grandma made them for me as a kid, I need to make them for my girls! Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That!

  8. For some reason we always called this toad in a hole! LOL Now that I am a mom I make these for my boys with all sorts of shapes. Hearts on love days. Stars for other days. They love it. Those strawberries look amazing. Never thought to serve them like that. Im your newest follower. Found you through the Harvest Blog Hop!

  9. Aren't these so yummy! I admit I've never made them with a heart cutout but with a circle. Still delish!

    New fan via I should be mopping the floor!

  10. Hey, I'm a new follower! Awww this looks so cute and yummy!

    Follow back?


  11. Oh YUM!!! I want some!

    Thanks so much for partying with me last week at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you share tomorrow evening!

  12. Cute enough to eat.:-))

    Thanks for bringing these to Saturday Dishes.


  13. Thanks for linking up to Saturday Dishes!

  14. Such a cute idea! I think the kids and I will have to do this for Father's Day breakfast this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. As a kid, I had a kids cookbook that called these "Bulls Eye Eggs". My daughter grew up and called them 'One Eyed Jacks' when she made them for her kids!


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