January 22, 2013

Valentine Garland For $1

I stole this post from my daughters blog, Whims of Tim. This is a Valentines garland that she made and posted last year. I think it is darling!

All you need for this easy garland is a deck of cards! I bought a set of 2 at the Dollar Tree. You just cut out some hearts ( I used the heart cards) then glue them on to the back a few other other cards. I only taped mine to the string so that I can easily take them off and stack them for storage. Simple, and I think pretty darn cute garland (:

For something a little different I cut out the 7, 3, a heart and the A (with the line whited out) to spell love.
 Thanks Timber!


  1. I love it! It's whimsical and fun! Not to mention clever!

  2. This is such a cute idea! For Valentine's day two years ago I made this out of a deck of cards for my boyfriend.


    Amanda Rose

  3. This is so cute! You should send it to "Best Bunting on the Block" and get it Featured!
    Here's her address:

    You've just got to send her an email w/your web address!
    here is her emailg jedandivy@icloud.com

    It's a brand new blog and I like it, so when I find fun bunting/garlands I try to send them her way

    TracyAnn from www.crochethappy.com

  4. Love your blog! We are new followers! thanks for visiting us on Facebook!

  5. I love that! It's a great idea, I'm sure your daughter didn't mind ;) Stopping by from GYB hop and following you on GFC Facebook and Pinterest. http://www.familyhomeandlife.com/


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