February 28, 2013

Spring Easter Wreath

Once again, a project that everything is purchased from the dollar store.

 I used scarves, water tin, wreath, flowers and some table scatter that is not in the picture. Not sure why. :)

I started by wrapping the scarves around the wreath and then tying a bow.

 I then put some green floral foam in the water pail.

Next the flowers were added.

I took the purple flowers from the table scatter and hot glued them onto the water pail and one on the bow.

 That's it! Quick, easy, inexpensive and such fun colors it's makes me anxious for spring!




  1. So cheerful- i can't believe Easter in March!

  2. So cute! I can't believe that it came from the dollar store! You are so creative!!

  3. Hadn't thought of using a scarf to cover the wreath and I have oodles of scarves. Over from Kathe's great job.

  4. Cute wreath! I love the water pail in the middle! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!



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