February 19, 2013

Would You Kiss The Blarney Stone?

I hope I'm not the only one that thought that the Blarney Stone was a big rock like this.
Since I was little (which was a very long time ago) I have been fascinated with Ireland and wanted to go. You would think that being so infatuated by Ireland I would have known a little more about it. For example, did you know that to kiss the Blarney Stone you have to be upside down!


I didn't know that until my daughter went to Ireland (without me!) and came back with pictures of her kissing the Blarney Stone.

Okay, I can do the upside down part, but the part about having to lay on your back while desperately  grasping onto two iron rails and lowering yourself until your head is even with the stone while someone holds onto you as you gaze at the ground hundreds of feet below, makes me a little nervous. No a lot nervous!

 Here is my daughter and her husband kissing the Blarney Stone.

Why do people kiss the Blarney Stone?
The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone built into the battlements of Blarney Castle, Blarney. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery). The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446. The castle is a popular tourist site in Ireland, attracting visitors from all over the world to kiss the stone and tour the castle and its gardens.The word blarney has come to mean "clever, flattering, or coaxing talk".

Here are a couple of pictures I found online. This one is crazy!

You'll have to let me know... Would you, or have you kissed the Blarney Stone?

Below are just a few pictures my daughter and son inlaw took in Ireland.

 This one makes me laugh. What was she doing, where did she land and how did she not break something? Crazy girl!



  1. Oh my gosh! What wonderful pictures! Love the story of the Blarney Stone and yes....I would have to give it a go if I ever get there!! Fun post! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing a bit of Ireland.

  3. I have kissed the Blarney Stone! It's a bit unnerving to hang like that, especially when the people holding your legs don't quite look capable of bearing your weight. ;)
    But the scariest part was actually the stone, itself. It was kind of wet and slimy looking. I kept thinking of all the other lips that have touched it over the centuries! Eww! But I kissed it anyway and have been gabbing ever since! ;)

  4. I always thought it was a huge stone, too! Not sure that my back could handle trying to kiss it... or that my OCD-nature wouldn't insist on first swabbing it with Purell. LOL

    I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party. :D

    - Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com


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