March 12, 2013

ThrifTee Gear Review and Giveaway

Yes, this may be an obvious question but,

which lunch bag would your teen rather take to school?

My son has never been one to take his lunch to school until just lately, so I was very excited when I heard about these cool lunch bags fro

So I went to the website with my son to choose one of the many designs. 
Not only are these bags great looking but the ThrifTee Gear Cool Reusable Lunchbags are made from an upcycled product which is great for waste free lunches.

I love the fact that 
they are machine washable, reusable, water resistant, bully resistant, and mom made. These bags are lined with a food safe lining. They are also very soft and conform to the size of the contents creating a casual, comfortable bag, that is minimal in size.

Here is the design my son chose.
 ThrifTee Gear also give's you the option to use one of your very own t-shirts.
No matter what the age we all want our kids to eat healthier lunches. 

 Taking a lunch bag for teens will greatly increase the chance of better nutrition, less stressed lunch breaks, and a green, healthy lunch style while still allowing teens to maintain their unique personality.  

No question about it, teens are picky eaters! 
School lunches for teens need to be healthy but things they will eat. We need to involve them in what we buy for their lunches and give them several healthy options to choose from.

These healthy options could include 
*A Variety of Cheeses and Meats *Nuts *Trail Mix *Fruits & Veggies  *Yogurts *Bottled Water & Juices *Breads *Dried Fruits *Crackers *Peanut Butter  *Smoothies, the list goes on.

If we include them in the shopping and making their own lunch, they are going to most likely eat it!

 I was very impressed at how many things fit very easily in this ThrifTee Gear Cool Reusable Lunchbag. 

ThrifTee Gear is the fun part that gets teens excited or at least willing to carry lunch to school again. I know my son is pretty impressed with it. He was more than willing to model it for me.
 The price for a ThrifTee Gear Reusable Lunchbag is $19.95 and includes shipping anywhere in the USA. International shipping is available. Custom bags made from a customer’s own t-shirt are also available and a popular choice. The Custom ThrifTee Gear Cool Reusable Lunchbag is $24.95 and includes two way shipping, meaning that once an order is placed customers will receive a postage paid mailer in which to send in their own t-shirt. This makes it simple for busy families to have their t-shirts transformed quickly and easily. No need to find a shipping envelope, no need to go to the post office. Just place your t-shirt in the envelope with the submission form and drop it into any mailbox including the one in front of your home. Once submissions are received, bags are on their way back home within one week.

 These are great lunch bags for older kids, but I'm sure that any school age kid would love having one of these,

and speaking of school age kids... 

ThrifTee Gear has a great fundraising opportunity for schools that you just might want to look into.

Can't wait?

If your like me you can't wait to go look at all the great designs, but before you do, ThrifTee Gear is kindly giving away one of these awesome bags. Enter below to win one of these cool lunch bags for your child or teen.
Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions

Good Luck! 


  1. I like the GA Tech bag. My 5th grader would love to have it!!

  2. Skeleton ThrifTee Gear Reusable Lunch Bag

  3. Wally World, that's what we call the place where we work!

  4. Love the healthy food and love the bag. Awesome!! Retweeting for you as well to show the love!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  5. I'd like to win the Salty Dog bag!

  6. I love the St Martin Paradise ThrifTee Gear Reusable Lunch Bag

  7. I gotta try the I'm a DR Pepper bag.

  8. I love her bob marley ones! mrsnicole _ jackson at

  9. I like the Skeleton ThrifTee Gear Reusable Lunch Bag.


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