July 14, 2013

Being Watched By Vultures!

Yes these are vultures in the park down from my house!
These Vultures don't look very big but they are. I took these pictures with my phone and the tree was very tall. That being the case it doesn't do their size justice. There were five of them. 
  I have started walking and I am in horrible shape. 
        I could just imagine what they were thinking as I walked past. I'm sure that they were just waiting for me to fall over and die.   
By my heavy breathing and the look of exhaustion on my face, they thought they would be getting a hefty meal real soon.


  1. That's really really scary, I've never seen a vulture before but I'm already scared...


    1. You can't see their face in the picture, but they are ugly. It was freaky.

  2. When I first read the post, all I could think of was the scene in Ice Age 2 when the vultures are singing, "Food, glorious food." LOL!! That would totally freak me out!!

  3. LOL Crystal! That's kind of what it felt like. :)

  4. Oh my gosh Marcie, that is so freaky. I've seen vultures at the African Lion Safari and they made the hair on my arms stand up. Thank goodness they were in cages. Seeing them up in a tree - loose - free - I'd probably drop dead from a heart attack.

  5. Ha ha ha, glad you stopped by Darlene! Made me smile.


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