July 03, 2013

Pirate Cove Pizza Experience

Arrr Mateys!

Here is a post for all of me Landlubbers, and Sea Dogs! 

If you are ever in or passing through St George, UT the Pirate Cove Pizza is a great place to stop for food and to have a great time.

I think I may have been a little too excited to be there, because of the amazing atmosphere. Made me feel like I was eating at a restaurant in Disneyland, and who wouldn't be happy about that.


As we entered, we were immediately greeted. Our hostess tried to seat us but we were all too busy gawking and checking out the amazing design of this place. Wow!

Just take a look for yourself!

Now for the food...

I'm kicking myself right now for not taking pictures of the food we ordered. The kids ordered a hamburger from the kids meal and when it came I couldn't believe it was a kids meal. I was wishing I had gotten the hamburger.

All of the adults got the all you can eat buffet which included several kinds of pizza, bread-sticks and salad bar. 

Now look at this! 
I am so trying this when I go back. YUM!

It was hard to get the kids (and some adults) to finish they're food, because they couldn't wait to get into the play and arcade area.

They have stuff for older kids and adults but here is some fun for the little ones!

Aye, what be you waitin' for bucko,
food and fun awaits you me matey!

If you go, I would love t' get yer feedback and hear what you think o' this place.

Tell them "I Gotta Try That" sent you!

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  1. When we lived in st. George it first opened as pirate island pizza...the food wasn't amazing but my son and husband lived the play area...it's good to hear the food is better. We may have to try it again on our next visit.


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