August 06, 2013

Shark Week Giveaway

As most of you know it is Shark Week on Discovery

Have you been watching?

Well  SwimZip Swimwear loves Shark Week and think it’s so fun so they decided to do a fun giveaway of an awesome new towel they just designed: Shark Attack TowelZip. 

Shark Attack TowelZip by SwimZip is so adorable with it’s dorsal fin on the head and two eyes, and even a shark tail at the bottom of the towel. SwimZip thinks of everything, with the zipper garage at the top so it does not bug your childs neck, and the length is perfect so kids can walk. No more going to the pool or beach and wraping your kids up like a burrito and seeing them inch away, and the towel slowly fall off – now just zip on your Shark Attack TowelZip by SwimZip and let your kids enjoy drying off in style, while walking to the car or bus!


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