August 27, 2013

What's a Juppy?

 What is so awesome about the new 
Juppy Baby Walker?

Well for starters

*You are in control which will eliminate the fear of your baby falling, especially on sharp edges or hard surfaces. 
*The baby will be more confident and can concentrate more on learning to walk, knowing you are there.
*The Juppy Baby Walker is unmatched when it comes to safety.
*The first time you use this you will wonder what you would ever do without it.

"The Juppy is designed with safety and comfort in mind, safety and comfort for both parent and child. The Juppy builds confidence in your baby and teaches balance while allowing you to maintain your natural posture."

  I love this!
At first when I saw this I thought, "what a good idea." But now that I have personally tried it I am saying "what a fantastic idea!" 
  We used this with my grand baby. I have to say, walking along behind a little one as they learn to walk, puts a lot of pressure on your back and can get a little tiring. It was awesome being able to stand upright to help him walk instead of having to bend over. He thought he was something else being able to just walk around. 

If you are a mom or grandma you've just got to try one of these for yourself!
Now enter here. The Juppy Walker is giving one lucky person the chance to win one!
This giveaway ships to US only! 

Go to The Juppy Website and check it out yourself!

You can also find them here:

o The Juppy Blog:



  1. Looks awesome! Would love to win one!

  2. I would choose the black and yellow.

  3. I like the black and yellow since its neutral and looks like a bumble bee!

  4. I think this would be a great thing for my son with special needs when he learns to walk!

  5. I think this would be a great thing for my son with special needs when he learns to walk!

  6. I would love a black and yellow one . very cool product!

  7. Wish I would have had this before Bridger was walking! Oh well, I can use for future babies :)

  8. The yellow and black is super cute.

  9. I hate to copy everyone else, but I LOVE the black and yellow one! My baby is perfect for this now!! I hope I win!!

  10. Black and yellow. I think this seems like a cool and exciting product, I am happy I learned about it today! :)


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