September 06, 2013

Progressive Flo Costume

(Check in tomorrow to see my Haunted House)
I dressed up as Flo last year for Halloween
The costume was fast and easy. 
Photo Credit: Progressive

I started out by buying white pants, white shirt and a white apron from Walmart.

For the apron I used a blue sharpie pen and a stencil.

 For the insurance box I used a cereal box. For the box cover, the name tag and the button I downloaded it from Progressive.
These are free printables right on their site.

It was awesome. They have a list of what she wears, right down to the brand of lipstick she wears. It's called

To check it out just click on the "dress like FLO" logo above!

You can get a wig if you need. In my case I just teased my hair and used a lot of  hair spray. Add the navy blue head band and you are set!

Yoo hoo  Progressive Shoppers :)

 If you decide to do a Flo costume, I would love for you to send me a picture!


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