September 27, 2013

Witches Broom or Besom & Broom Holder

Every Witch needs  a broom so I decided to make my own
and a broom holder for it.

 I purchased this at the thrift store for 75 cents. You can buy unfinished ones at any craft store.
I spray painted it black and then sanded the edges a bit.
I use vinyl lettering but you could use a stencil and paint the words also.

The Witches Broom or Besom
"The besom is the traditional witch's broom. It's associated with all kinds of legend and folklore, including the popular notion that witches fly around in the night on a broomstick."

I had my husband cut me a thick branch for the handle.
For the bottom of the broom you can buy twigs (if that's what they are called) at the craft store or gather some from your own yard or cut some off of small branches of a tree.

You could use jute, twine or string to tie it on. I used black cloth and jute. 

 Now I have my besom and a place to park it!


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