October 23, 2013

Haunted Bird Cage

I hope this project isn't too weird or creepy. 
I have had a few requests to do some more creepy crafts like I had last year. 
So if your not into creepy, 
skip this and come back in a few days.
Found this cute little bird and cage at the thrift store.
Just a few steps and I turned this bird cage into a haunted creepy bird cage.

*I spray painted the whole thing black.
*Then the bird broke (opps) so I added a 
little red tole paint on the neck.
*I then sanded the bird and the cage to
make it look old.

It looks kinda creepy on my little table!


  1. That is NEAT, even with the touch of gore. :-) Is that a real phone that you spray painted?

  2. Thanks Michele. I got that phone from Target. It's one of my favorite Halloween decorations. It rings and when you pick it up it says scary things. Fun!


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