October 01, 2014

Ursula Costme

Here is my Halloween costume from last year.
 Yes, I have already been told I looked like Phyllis Diller

But no I wasn't Phyllis I was Ursula LOL! 

 I found a black dress for this at the thrift store.

I then cut eight tentacles, on the dress and eight with purple fabric.

 I then started to sew on the purple material right sides together. This is before I turned it inside out.

 Here they are all sewn on.

 Next I took a wire and put one in each tentacle so I could bend and shape them. I then took batting and stuffed the tentacles.

Here they are finished and shaped.

For the makeup I just use purple eyeshadow for the face.

and there you have it Phyliss Diller, I mean Ursula!

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