March 05, 2012

Doll Bed

Cute doll bed my husband made for my grand daughter. I sewed the little mattress and pillow.


  1. This brings back such great memories. My grandma and grandpa shared this hobby. Grandpa made things out of wood, and grandma sewed things to go with it, just like you're doing. He made children's table and chair sets, china hutches for toy dishes, Barbie doll furniture, rocking chairs,all kinds of stuff--and once at Christmas time when I was seven they made a vanity with a mirror and drawers and a cushioned seat. At Christmas time each year they got more orders than they could fill. I love it that you're doing this together! Very nice.

  2. Thanks Serena, I wouldn't call what I do sewing. I do my best to make it presentable. Good thing their grandpa made the bed look great. But it was fun to see each of their faces when they got their beds.


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