March 05, 2012

Fashion District

If your lovin the boots, all I can say is Fashion District. These were so fun I just had to get them.They kind of clash with the hotel carpet. :)
The Fashion District in LA is incredible. You have miles of stores that seem to never end. Each store you go in has better sales than the one before so you just keep buying. See the suitcases and carts we are towing? You have to pack around your lute somehow.
Okay I just had to buy these also. I put them on as soon as I left the store, and I got a lot of funny looks. Maybe they were just surprised I could walk in them.
Just look at all the people and the stores. They go on forever. Yes, it's Heaven. I really need to go again. This is one of my favorite things that I have done with my friends. We had a blast. If you ever have the chance. "You Gotta Try That"

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