September 29, 2012

Zipper Face

Day 29
Gross, morbid,disgusting, I know, and yes this is me. 
I have to admit I had too much fun with this. I definitely entertained myself.

Her I am with three of my grand kids.

To see a tutorial on this click HERE!


  1. I love this--cant wait for the tut. I am loving all of your Halloween tutorials! I really want to make the shrunken head and have looked at 4 different stores but haven't found it. Can you pleeeeease tell me the name of the store where you bought it?

  2. I cannot wait for this tutorial!!!! That is so very awesome! I run a haunted corn maze (I know....) and I so want to do this! You look awesome!

    I can't believe you pulled this off!
    Gawd I love this zipper face so much, I could totally make babies with it.
    PLEASE tell us how it's done. Purr- LEASE!!!
    I need this, I really do. I swear if you do a tutorial I will upload photos of my very own zipper face. With sprinkles on top, chocolate sauce and a really BIG cherry. Ok???


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