September 30, 2012

Day 30
 Wow this month has gone by fast. It has been so fun sharing all of these Halloween ideas. Thank you all so much for visiting and sharing your comments. I have loved it!

 Last but not least is my $2 thrift store find. 

 I got this string of beads for $1 at JoAnns and randomly glued them around on the candle holder.

 Next I spray painted the whole thing black.

I took some candles and lit them. 

I left them lit long enough for them to get wax drippings down the sides.

I added some spider webs and now have another cool little Halloween decoration!


  1. Now, the "zipper face"....while I admire the creativity, well, it's a little too much for me! LOL But this! Wow! I love the "haunted mansion" effect and this project is perfect for it, at an unbelievable price! Your Halloween posts were all great. I see we "haunt" the same places....dollar store, JoAnn Fabrics etc!

  2. What- you mean that's the end of it? No more Hallowe'en posts? Oh don't do this to me, I LOVED the series! Obviously I'm gonna stay tuned (so much genius, I'm gonna suck it up like a leech!), but I feel like I just finished the latest Pratchett book and have to wait another year for a fresh fix. ARGH!!
    Can't wait for the things to come- glad I found this blog!

  3. Love your thrift find makeover! So creepily awesome. I love the sign too! Fits me! heehee


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