September 14, 2012

Woody Costume

 Day 14
This costume was made by my daughter from Whims of Tim
Today I am going to show you my little guy's first Halloween costume. Woody, in baby size.


  • Long sleeve white or yellow onesie/shirt
  • Jeans
  • Brown fabric/felt
  • Black, gold, and white felt
  • Velcro
  • Yellow dye (if the long sleeve is white)
  • Black embroidery floss
  • A onesie or white shirt you can cut up
  • Heat N Bond
  • Brown Socks
  • Play Cowboy Hat (if you want)
I started with dyeing the long sleeve onesie. The directions for that are just on the box. I used the stovetop method.
  With the onesie you can use red fabric paint or marker to draw the line pattern that is on Woody's shirt. I thought I'd make this project a little easier and leave it just yellow.

While that was drying I started on Woody's vest. I cut one of those Gerber Side Snap Shirts into his vest shape. I used Heat n Bond and ironed it onto the black felt sheet. Then cut a few cow spots out of it to iron onto the vest. (The directions for that are on the pack of Heat n Bond.)

Then I used the floss to do the stitching around the vest. On his vest the stitching goes around the edge of the fabric. Like here. 
 For the badge I used the gold felt and traced a Sheriff badge (from Walmart) on it. Then cut it out and ironed it on just like the cow spots. I thought a felt badge would be the better/softer version for my baby, but the normal badge obviously would work fine, too.
 Next I'll show you how I did the belt. For the belt I used brown felt. The sheets of felt I had weren't long enough so I had to cut two strips and sew them together. I just measured around my baby's waist. The belt needs to overlap just a bit. That way you can sew on velcro so the belt can attach. With the gold felt I got out an oval. You can draw the longhorn that is on Woody's buckle to be more realistic but I am not an artist so I didn't attempt it. Then with the Heat n Bond iron it to the belt.

I also used the brown felt to cut a half circle. All you have to do is fold it and half and sew the outer edge then pull it inside out. There's your gun holster! I just stiched mine onto the side of the belt.
I knew I wouldn't find a  tiny red handkerchief so I just cut a fourth out of a regular one. Instead of tying it around the neck, I sewed velcro strips on the ends so that it's easier to put on my baby.

For the boots I used brown socks. With my luck I couldn't find any. So like the onesie I dyed white socks. Of course they needed spurs so with the gold felt I cut out two spurs. I just stitched those on with brown thread so that I could remove them easily. Plus they were more bendable, which is great for a wiggly baby. If Tracen's feet weren't so little I would have put "Andy on the bottom of his sock with sharpie. 

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