September 16, 2012

Pirate Skull Pumpkins

Day 16
This wasn't my original post for today. I had the pumpkins all ready to do a vinyl chevron print. So I put on the vinyl and it looked horrible. I thought of putting it with my failed projects but it was so embarrassing I couldn't. It looked like something that your preschooler would bring home to you on craft day. LOL! If you think I'm exaggerating think again. So off came the Chevron and on went some pirate skulls that I already had.

 I purchased these two pumpkins at the dollar store.

 Spray painted them white and then painted the stems black.

Then after the big mess up as you read above. I put on the pirate skull vinyl. Stickers would have worked just as well!

I will admit I'm happy the way they finally turned out! :)



  1. I'm digging the current design (anything pirate has my name written all over it), but I sure wish you'd shown your fail. It'd make me feel better about those countless attempts at really awesome crafts that now gracefully adorn the dumpster... :D

  2. I love the skulls! Pinning this one! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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