July 25, 2013

FYSIKO Eyelash Cream Serum Review

Let me begin by saying I was so skeptical about this working. I kept thinking,  
"I will not do a review and say that something works if it doesn't." 


 I was using this for about six weeks. Nothing was really changing and I thought, I knew it, I knew it wouldn't work. I stilled continued to use it each night. Then out of nowhere my eyelashes just instantly started to get longer. I couldn't believe it. I had long eyelashes to start with but they still were getting longer. I was so excited and glad that I didn't give up at six weeks. 

Well you just look at the before and after for yourself!
Both my eyes, but the second one I am lifting my eyebrow, should have done that in the before picture. It hides my wrinkles that way :)



Now here is a picture with mascara on!

 One thing that I love is that,  Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is made in the USA with all natural ingredients! 
You do not need a prescription for this eye serum. How great is that!
It should help to regrow my eyelashes, and make them fuller and longer within 6-8 weeks. 16 weeks for final results.

It's very simple to use also. You just put in on like you would eyeliner, 

That's it! 

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