July 24, 2013

July 24th Pioneer Day


Pioneer Day is on July 24th and is the anniversary of the day when the first Mormon pioneers entered the Great Salt Lake Valley. Members of the Church were persecuted for their beliefs and mobs chased them from town to town and state to state until in 1847 the prophet Brigham Young led the people on a great exodus to the west.

On Pioneer Day members of the Church worldwide celebrate the great history of the pioneers by holding pageants, parades, commemoration concerts, reenactments of the trek west, and other pioneer themed church activities.

At one Pioneer Day celebration President Gordon B. Hinckley said:
"I am old enough to have known a little of what those pioneers went through. My own remembrances go back to the time of candles and kerosene lamps, of horse-drawn buggies and wagons, scythes and sickles, hand-milked cows, and irrigation turns through the summer nights. These were all a part of their temporal living, all to the end that they might have freedom of worship....

"Let us remember with gratitude and reverent respect those who have gone before us, who paid so dear a price in laying the foundation for that which we enjoy this day"

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