September 14, 2013

Are You Kind to Your Behind?

How come we insist on using wipes on our toddlers and babies so they they are fresh and clean, but we don't do the same for ourselves?


Just one more reason you need to 
check out Cottonelles Cleansing Cloths. 


Why not treat ourselves to that same pampering that we give our babies. Don't you want to walk out of that bathroom with that fresh clean feeling? 

Of course you do.

Now if we could all have a bidet in our bathroom, it might be a different story.
 But how many of us have this luxury?
I myself have never even seen one let alone used one. 

So I will continue to use Cottenelle wipes for my hiny. 

I have another humorous video with the fabulous Cherry Healey. This is a must see. I want to practice up on my accent so that I can sound as cute as she does when I say bum! 

Cottonelle Disposable Wipes Video #2

Isn't she great! Makes you want go out and grab a box of these.

If you haven't seen her first video please go check it our HERE! You know want to, you can't help but smile when watching Cherry.

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Until next time... Cheerio 


  1. I really loved reading this post, you're so right! I'm also now following you on Bloglovin :)

    I'd love it if you could follow me back on bloglovin
    Gemma x

  2. Thanks so much Gemma, I am a follower of yours on Bloglovin. Thanks for stopping by!


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