September 21, 2013


Dear Mom, Love Cher
Coming out on DVD September 24th, 2013
Lionsgate Home Entertainment
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In this, Cher sits down with her mother, Georgia Holt, for a candid visit about their life together on "Dear Mom, Love Cher."

I was so excited to watch this sweet documentary that Cher made for her mom!

I grew up watching the Sonny and Cher show and have loved her ever since. 
Come take a peek into the life of Cher, her mother and family!


This is such a great documentary. I think the thing I loved most about it was the loving and tight bond that Cher, her mother and sister have. They are so open about their struggles, successes, hope and dreams. They are not afraid to share anything in this video, which makes it so fun to watch. Georgia Holt also reveals how Cher almost wasn't born. The stories they share are touching, humorous and amazing.
In this they share some great family footage and old family photo's. So fun to see and hear about what and who they were before the success.
Now what most amazed me was Cher's mom. This classy, beautiful lady is 86 years old. You would never guess it. I want to be as vibrant and young as she is when I am that age. She is a strong and amazing women that raised two beautiful daughters threw some very hard times. 
I think my favorite part of the whole thing was when Cher and her Mother sang together at the end. It was priceless. They both have beautiful voices and it was fun to see how much they sound like each other.
You just need to watch this for yourself and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

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  1. I too watched the Sonny & Cher show. It would be fun to watch this! Thank you for the opportunity to win!


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