November 22, 2013

Cards from SimplytoImpress

Simply to Impress 

I just received this pretty little box in the mail with some beautiful, fun and cute card samples. They have every kind of card you can think of.

Right now is the perfect time to order your Christmas Cards. With the variety that SimplytoImpress offers you won't be disappointed. 

You just need to go over and see for yourself.
After you have taken a look, I would love to hear what you think of 

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  1. Straightforward and written well, thank you for the info
    jeux de amour

  2. I definitely have to disagree with you about simply to impress. I’ve ordered from them in the past, including this year, but never again. Check out their Facebook page for the loads of disgruntled comments. Orders are not being shipped on time and customer service is an answering machine with no option to leave a message. This includes orders where you pay for expedited shipping. People are receiving orders without envelopes! Totally amateur. Their cards may be pretty, but if you don’t receive them on time, what is the point? Buyer beware!!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Simply to Impress for Christmas 2013 is NOT impressive at all. Their website misled the timing of the printing and shipping; their phone number has NO option to speak with a live person; the website promises to respond to emails (usually) within 24 hours. I was willing to give this company the benefit of perhaps being new and experiencing unexpected volume, but this company has been around since 2003. They should have the process down pat. They have NO customer service (and honestly, I feel sorry for those customer care reps who have to deal with the issues that stem from the false promises made on their website). I have use Tiny Prints for the past two years, but because I heard lots of radio ads, I decided to check Simply to Impress out. Designs are good, prices are good (but so are the others). Production and customer service are terrible - which lead to extreme consumer frustration. I just hope I get my cards before Christmas, and I now know that I will never even consider them for any future needs.


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