May 13, 2014

Who's up for a fun game of...

Online Gaming...

What's your choice of games?

I have to admit I am hooked on Candy Crush. 
After months of months of people talking about it on Facebook, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I played it once and couldn't stop. I have also played a little bit of Angry Birds. Clumsy Bird also looked really fun, but when I couldn't get past the first four trees without dying after several times of trying, I quit.

What about playing the slots online for money?
Not legal you say...
Well it is in New Jersey
Your thoughts?

States are starting to legalize real money online gaming, starting with New Jersey back in November. The New Jersey state Senate became the first such US body to pass a bill (S490) expressly legalizing certain forms of online gambling. Although to play these games on Tropicana you must be a NJ resident.

I was amazed at how many different games they have on this website. If you are a gambler I'm sure you will recognize many of them. Here are just a few games that you will find on the Tropicana website.

 Well if you like to gamble, are feeling lucky and live in NJ 
Then this is for you.
Have you gambled online?

I look forward to getting your opinion on this.

Disclaimer: I am a paid partner with Topicana, and only people physically located in NJ can use the site.


  1. I play Candy Crush.

  2. I try to stay away from these games, because I know if I start I would be right there with you.
    Have a great week!

  3. Bubble Witch Saga is even more addicting than Candy Crush. :-)


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