May 08, 2014


This is absolutely fantastic news. The release of this take on “Sleeping Beauty”


Have we all not been intrigued by the Disney Villains.
Well they chose one of the all time favorites for this movie.

Here she is Maleficent.

Who better to play the part of this magnificent creature than Angelina Jolie herself.
Maleficent is so vicious, dark and evil, yet we are fascinated and want more of her. This story will tell of Maleficent's early childhood and the events that hardened her heart.

Once you see the trailer you will see what all the excitement is about.

If seeing this Trailer isn't enough reason to go see the show here are three more reasons.

1. To find out what hardened Maleficent's heart and what makes her so mysterious & intriguing?

2. To find out why Maleficent put a spell on Aurora in the first place?
See Elle Fanning, 15, who plays the older Princess Aurora as she pricks her finger on the cursed spindle.

3. To watch and see Aurora grow up from a child.
Who is that playing Aurora you ask? Well it is Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Vivienne has a small role in the movie as the young version of Princess Aurora

Well, now all we can do is wait in excitement until this comes out in Theaters
filled with magic, castles, creatures and Maleficent!

Until then...

Pictures are property of Disney

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