January 05, 2015

Beautiful Bouqs Company Flowers


I absolutely love getting flowers. Not just for a special occasion but just anytime. That can get expensive, but the Bouqs Company really does make it affordable. I was sent the "Desperado" bouquet from the Bougs Company. The Desperado is a beautiful combination of Pink Roses with Purple Phlox.

 Desperado | Bouqs Flowers

They came fresh in a box right to my front door.

They were just beautiful and smelled wonderful. Wish you could smell them for yourself.

 Very pretty, don't you think?

Some of the great things about the Bouqs company is...
 A curated selection means you won't be overwhelmed, and our experts help you choose the right Bouq. A flat $40 with shipping included and no hidden fees means you can shop with confidence, and you get a deal - competitors are often priced 20-200% higher.
And how about a 3-step checkout instead of 10? And no annoying up-sells? Done and done.

FARM FRESH        
                                                                                                                             We cut on the day you order and deliver straight from the farm so you get the freshest Bouq possible! This means delivery just 2-4 days after cut, vs 10-14 elsewhere. We deliver our Volcano stems from the equator, 10,000 feet above sea level, which means one thing: sun. And more sun means more color. These Bouqs are fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral-rich, ph-balanced soil. And our California cut flowers come straight from eco-friendly farms on the coast! Bloomin' sweet surf!

ORDER FROM ANYWHERE                                                                                                           Our app is an easy-to-use, free app for sending amazing flowers. Send to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or vendors, right from your phone.


Go check out all their beautiful flowers for yourself at         the Bouqs Company 
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