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  2. Hi Marcie! I was trying to reply to the comment you left on my blog but it seems you're a no-reply-blogger! Anyway, I totally understand! I myself have been very busy lately. I just wanted to make sure you knew about the opportunity because you never know! :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

  3. Great page!! I just started following it. Would you mind checking out mine? http://yourmodernfamily.com (I am a mom to 4 kids, so I blog about how I organize our home, save money & teach our kids...) Today's post is Staying in Shape while Staying Home. :)
    I do about 3 posts a day.


  4. Hello! Your Blog looks jam packed with fun and interesting things to read, hope you don't mind if I follow. It's nice to meet you!



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